Rap Video Filmed in Florida A&M Locker Room Leads to Suspension of All Football Activities

Real Boston Richey
Real Boston Richey /

In today's edition of Weird News, Florida A&M football operations were suspended last night by head coach Willie Simmons. It is July and there are no football activities happening, so the impact is negligible, but Simmons is obviously trying to make a point. About what, you ask? Well, it turns out a rapper by the name of Real Boston Richey filmed a music videon in FAMU's locker room, wearing their merchandise and even some football gear. The problem with that is it seems nobody knows how he got in there and he definitely did not have permission to use the school's apparel for his own purposes.

The fact that it is a fairly vulgar rap video does not help matters and definitely played a role in escalating the matter to this point. Simmons' bosses are surely not enthused by the prospect of Florida A&M being associated with such colorful lyrics. Here's the statement from Simmons, released late last night:

And here is the music video. As you might imagine it is pretty NSFW. The flow isn't my style but it's a good name for a rap song.

If all Real Boston Richey did was film in the locker room then anybody could've helped him. All it would require is opening a door. But having a full-on football helmet suggests it was someone who had a key to the storage area or, at the very least, knew where things were. The guess here is that a player didn't think it would be that big of a deal and we're going to be hearing about the discipline handed out sooner rather than later.

An unusual and unprecedented situation that, interestingly, is being drawn to the public's attention because of the statement made by the head coach. If they quietly investigated it would've gone largely unnoticed by anybody outside the state of Florida. Instead they suspended football operations when there were none going on and elevated it from a curiosity to a national news story. Funny how these things work.