Flava Flav's National Anthem Was Something Else


Flava Flav sang the National Anthem in Milwaukee before last night's Bucks-Hawks game and it was an experience for everyone involved. It sounded exactly like you might expect Flava Flav singing Francis Scott Key's unforgiving little tune might sound.

Not everyone loved it, of course, but I think Flav's tweet after the performance was a really good response to those who are perpetually looking for something to get upset about and fancy themselves aspiring American Idol talent scouts.

The man with the big clock around his neck gets it a hell of a lot more than the average person.

Look, was it the most fantastic, technically sound rendition of the anthem we've ever heard? No. Was it any good? That's certainly open to some healthy debate. But what it was was Flav's own interpretation and he put his heart into it. Say what you want about it but not a single other person could have done ... well, whatever he did.