Finnish Kayaker Rescues Owl From Lake, Takes Awesome Picture


Pentti Taskinen was kayaking in Finland’s Lake Tuusula on Sunday when he saw something splashing in the water through thick fog. As he got closer, he found this owl. Take it away, Google Translate:

"It would certainly be dead soon hypothermia. circumstances of the case began a lively discussion bongaripiireissä. Some of the birds lost in thought, or otherwise lost its way pea soup fog. Others thought the owl to have been arch-enemy, crow, or rather the crow flock drop."

I guess people think the owl was attacked by crows. (Finnish bird hazing perhaps? The crows might have just been trying to toughen the owl up!) Whatever happened, Taskinen got the owl onto his kayak and took him back to shore to dry off and warm up. And he took some amazing pictures.

[ via Reddit]