Finally, Someone Didn't Sign With The Nets

Andre Drummond
Andre Drummond / Jason Miller/Getty Images

By the end of this NBA season, it wouldn't be surprising to hear Shaq is signing with the Nets. That's just how crazy-stacked their roster has become the last few weeks. They already had three of the top 15 players in the world on their team (Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden), but then the Nets got gluttonous by signing Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge after they became free agents.

But wait, what's this? A former All-Star signing with another team besides the Nets after agreeing to a buyout? No way! I don't believe it. But, oh nice, it's true. Woj says so. Shocking!

Kudos to Andre Drummond for not jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge because everyone else does it too. Takes courage. Takes conviction. Takes the foresight of understanding winning a title with six former or current All-Stars on the team (Nets) isn't as satisfying as winning one with a beat-up Lakers squad, which actually needs someone like Drummond unlike the Nets with Griffin and Aldrige, who will be glorified bench players who contribute little to their ultimate success or failure.

Anthony Davis remains out indefinitely with a calf strain. LeBron James is recovering from a high ankle sprain for at least two more weeks. The Lakers have lost four of five. Their current starting lineup is a hodgepodge of role players. Drummond will immediately step into an important role for them. When the playoffs come, he'll remain in the starting lineup. If they win a title, he'll be a critical part of it.

The Nets? Kyrie Irving has disappeared for some personal time for the second time this season. Kevin Durant is still working his way back from a hamstring injury. They signed Griffin and Aldridge almost as afterthoughts. Those thoughts got big headlines. Neither is expected to put up big numbers like they once did with other teams. They're window candy. Who wants to be that when you can be a critical contributor?

The Nets weren't in line for Drummond's services. They have no need for another center. But still, you'd swear they were the front runners based on what's happened recently. But Woj told us Drummond is headed out to La La Land instead of Brooklyn. That's great news for all of us who prefer super teams to be limited to three All-Stars and not six.