Finally, Someone Addresses the Jimmy Butler-Andrew Cunanan Situation


The internet has been, in aggregate, a mistake. Those forced to spend hours upon hours on it daily want nothing more than for it to disappear in a plume of smoke without warning. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Occasionally, though, something worthwhile materializes. Like a Redditor pointing out that Jimmy Butler is loosely tracking the steps of serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

“Am I weird for noticing that Butler is just going to the places where the dude who killed Versace committed his murders?” the big-brained person wrote. “”From watching the American Crime Story show, he killed two people in Minnesota, one in Chicago, one near Philly and then Versace in Miami, just a weird coincidence I guess.”

Nothing weird about that. Just a person asking questions and enjoying prestige television. For those who missed the FX show, it’s worth a watch as Darren Criss puts on a spellbinding performance.

There is a bit of a fly in the ointment here. As with all journeyman basketball player-murderer comparisons, there are some leaps. While Butler may have played in Chicago, then Minnesota, Cunanan’s first two victims were in Minnesota, with his third in Chicago. Also, the fourth victim was murdered in Pennville Township, New Jersey, almost an hour away from Philadelphia.

Still, as far as posts go, this was a good one. Makes you think.