Finally, Confirmation that the Cavs Aren't Trading the #1 Pick They Just Acquired


In case you needed confirmation of what we tried to tell you last month, the Cavs aren’t trading the #1 pick they just acquired Kyrie Irving. Under no circumstances does it make sense to give up your rebuilding chip if/when LeBron leaves. But, since #NBAtwitter can’t grasp this, Woj and Zach Lowe did a podcast together, and it was discussed. Here’s the exchange:

"Woj: Should the Cavaliers flip that Nets pick to use it to get an impact player who can help them win this year and keep Lebron? It is not happening. That is not why they traded for that pick. Within the organization there is real significant doubt about whether [LeBron’s] going to return. Boston was the only team that could satisfy a perfect world for them – long term with the draft pick, and short term with Crowder and Isaiah … they’re not doing that. That’s not the plan in Cleveland. The risk of trading that pick to be stuck with somebody else if Lebron leaves, who doesn’t fit a rebuild … they’re not going to let themselves be in the position of having to take years to untangle that roster. They’re holding onto that pick. LOWE: The most popular name has been Demarcus Cousins. It is not going to be DeMarcus Cousins. The only way it is Demarcus Cousins is if Lebron says, Demarcus Cousins is my new best friend, I love Demarcus Cousins, if you trade for [him] I will sign on a piece of paper [that] I will come back here. It’s not Paul George. It’s not Marc Gasol …"

There you have it. The two most plugged-in NBA writers confirming our informed opinions last month.

As you were.