Final NBA Draft Lottery Odds


The regular season has concluded, and just over half of the teams in the league will begin their preparation for what they hope is a long playoff stretch. The other half will look forward to June, when the NBA draft will determine the immediate and long-term futures of many franchises.

This year’s top prize is Zion Williamson, the standout athletic freak from Duke. But there are a few other game-changing players at the top of the draft that could make an immediate impact for their respective teams. With that in mind, the hopes of many a team will lie upon the NBA lottery, which will take place on May 14th. As a reminder, this is the first year of the new lottery rules, where the worst three teams have the same odds to get the No. 1 overall pick, as opposed to being based only on their final records. Here are the final NBA lottery odds, with their chances of getting the No. 1 overall pick in bold.

NBA Draft Lottery Odds

1. New York Knicks (17-65): 14%

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (19-63): 14% 

3. Phoenix Suns (19-63): 14%

4. Chicago Bulls (22-60): 12.5%

5. Atlanta Hawks (29-53): 10.5% 

6. Washington Wizards (32-50): 9.0%

7. New Orleans Pelicans (33-49): 6.0%

8. Dallas Mavericks (33-49): 6.0%

9. Memphis Grizzlies (33-49): 6.0%

10. Minnesota Timberwolves (36-46): 3.0%

11. Los Angeles Lakers (37-45): 2.0% 

12. Sacramento Kings (39-43): 1.0%

13. Miami Heat (39-43): 1.0%

14. Charlotte Hornets (39-43): 1.0%