FIFA Corruption? Jose Mourinho Claims FIFA Rigged Coach of the Year Vote

By Ty Duffy

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho skipped the Ballon d’Or ceremony in January. When asked why in a recent interview, he accused FIFA of fixing the vote for Coach of the Year. Spain coach Vicente del Bosque won the award, with Mourinho finishing second and Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola finishing third.

"Am I sorry for not having gone to the gala? No. It was the right decision,” Mourinho told RTP television on Tuesday in excerpts from an interview. “One, two or three people called me saying they had voted for me but the vote showed up as cast for somebody else. So, I decided not to go,” he said."

Such a claim is obviously without merit. Who would dare accuse FIFA of not respecting the integrity of an electoral process?

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