Adidas Has a New Fernando Tatis Jr. Commercial and It Is Fantastic

Adidas, Fernando Tatis Jr. commercial
Adidas, Fernando Tatis Jr. commercial /

Fernando Tatis Jr. is baseball's most exciting player and is the face of Major League Baseball's wave of new, young, talented kids. The way those kids play angers a certain segment of old baseball fans who are -- and I can't emphasize this enough -- the worst. Adidas sees the way the game is headed and put out a commercial to reflect that. And it's great.

The commerical has a simple but fairly brilliant concept. Rather than show a Tatis highlight reel, it shows people discussing why they don't like the way Tatis plays. In fact, Tatis is barely shown at all. The insistence on showing the "old school" fans ripping a 21-year-old player highlights just how stupid they sound. It's perfect.

Check it out below:

Old guys who never played criticizing the most exciting young player in the game is as tired as this commercial makes it seems. Tatis is supremely talented and has fun playing baseball. You can't watch him play the game and not feel something.

Don't believe me? I brought receipts:

Want more highlights? We've got em:

Guys like Tatis, Juan Soto, Ronald Acuna Jr., and Luis Robert are changing the game. They're making MLB more exciting and fan-friendly by reaching a younger audience. They're must-watch performers and bring excitement every night.

Adidas is smart to embrace and promote Tatis. He's exactly what baseball needs.