Female Media Member Nearly Became Human Trafficking Victim at Sochi Olympics


Brittney Cason, a TV host/writer and former cheerleader, nearly became a human trafficking victim prior to the Sochi Olympics, and you’ve got to read her terrifying ordeal at XoJane. Cason writes that someone pretending to be a “talent acquisition agent booking correspondents” to cover the Sochi Olympics reached out to her via her personal website in September. This person had clearly done their homework:

He had a website displaying his credentials and his Twitter validated his connection with the industry, including interactions with celebrities and other professionals, and someone I worked with even validated his work history. Meanwhile, he was very professional and extremely knowledgeable in conversation. He seemed as legitimate as anyone I’ve ever worked with.

And then, this human trafficker got greedy, two weeks prior to her departure: He asked her if some of her female friends could also come to Sochi. Obviously, this was a bizarre request, and that’s when Cason started digging and got the FBI involved.

The production company didn’t even know who he was and informed us not to travel and got us in touch with their lawyers immediately to help us. Lawyers who said how lucky and smart we were for catching him after reading over our dealings with him, as he seemed that legitimate. The amount of effort this man put into posing like a Talent Acquisition Agent is not only deceiving, it’s alarming.

Cason writes for the Charlotte Observer and can be heard on 103.7 in Charlotte.

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Almost Became a Victim of Human Trafficking at the Sochi Olympics [XO Jane]