Fantasy Football 2015: Mock Draft Using Average Draft Position Information


Ground zero for fantasy drafts is approaching. One tool in the arsenal is knowing how drafts are going. Of course, every league is different, though there are plenty of norms and similarities across formats. Most sites have average draft position information that you can use to map out your strategy. Today, I’m going to combine that info to get a group effect. I used the average draft position info from six different sites available here at fantasy ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, NFL, Fantrax, and Fantasy Football Calculator. Using each set of ADP rankings for two different teams, I put together a 12-team mock draft.

I did put some limits on it to give it a realistic aspect, things such as taking no more than one QB in the first 6 rounds, not taking more than 3 straight picks at one position, etc. This doesn’t reflect my personal rankings, those are all listed here:

  • Now, let’s get to the combined ADP mock draft.

First two rounds:

Nothing too surprising here. RBs tend to dominate the first half of the first round. Then WR, elite QBs, and Rob Gronkowski come into play.

Rounds 3 & 4:

Round 3 would appear to be a RB heavy round again as many drafters seem to be trying to grab that RB2 (or the top one if they’ve gone WR heavy). There is a fair amount of disagreement on over within this large tier. If Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson go early, then there might be a large gap with few QBs taken. Same is generally true of TE.

Rounds 5&6

The RB drafting grinds to a halt for Round 5. It picks back up again in Round 6. That’s earlier than I would be comfortable taking Arian Foster, and several other guys in this round. QBs become value and if you are patient, you can still get a good one.

Rounds 7&8

I am anti-kicker and defense this early. Nevertheless, others go that route. Receiver value abounds. The RBs taken here come with good enough upside for the cost. If you can get Newton or Brady in this range, enjoy.

RB 9&10

The drafting of tight ends to start gets going in earnest. Plenty of big name veteran wide receivers will slip here. Plenty more QB value.

RB 11&12

The late run on backup RBs commences. Receivers follow. Again, grab young receivers with upside and RBs that have a chance to boom rather than going for that kicker. Thank me later.