Fans Furious at CBS for Not Being Able to Finish the Chiefs-Jaguars Game


It’s Week 1 and Chiefs fans are feeling pretty good about themselves. They have the best young quarterback in the NFL, almost made the Super Bowl last season, and are off to an impressive start against the Jaguars. So why are their fans so mad on social media? They can’t watch the rest of the game on CBS.

At first, the broadcast said they were turning it off for a more, “competitive game.” Which ended up being the Browns-Titans game, you know, a non-competitive game. But then, they changed the story to “technical difficulties.”  According to some, there is a power outage at the stadium, but that excuse, if that is the reason, is not cutting it and CBS is hearing it:

Those are some angry fans. And you can’t blame the ones that are paying the ridiculous amount that is required to have Sunday Ticket. A package you get to watch superstars like Patrick Mahomes weekly. But this one may not be on CBS, though we are still digging for that information.

Nevertheless, we offer our best wishes to CBS’s customer support department at this moment. Football is back, y’all.

UPDATE: CBS issued a statement saying the game was, indeed, switched due to a power outage.