Fans at the Azteca Stadium Pelted Costa Rica's Bryan Ruiz with Bottles as He Attempted a Corner Kick [Video]

By Mike Cardillo

Mexican fans aren’t too thrilled with their national team right now following a 0-0 draw with Costa Rica at the Azteca Stadium Tuesday night. In the 80th minute they took their frustration out on Costa Rica’s Bryan Ruiz as he attempted to take a corner kick, by throwing debris and empty bottles on the field. Later police with riot shields were brought it to protect Ruiz, who wisely milked the clock in protestation.

El Tri fans were quiet for most of the match, too, since there wasn’t much worth cheering about, so the ugly outburst that helped contribute to seven minutes of second-half stoppage time was unexpected.

Mexico has now posted two straight 0-0 results in qualifiers. Three of the four qualifiers at Azteca this year have finished 0-0. You could see why the home fans were antsy throughout this one. That said, throwing stuff onto the field doesn’t improve the situation and it looks particularly bad when ESPN is airing the match, thus giving it more exposure than it usually would get.

Mexico and Costa Rica are now tied with eight points in CONCACAF qualification. The U.S. can move atop the group with a win later Tuesday night vs. Panama.

Also, Costa Rican forward Joel Campbell, who’s rights belong to Arsenal, looked lively throughout.