Fan Seriously Injured By Broken Bat at Red Sox Game [UPDATE]


A thoroughly awful scene played out at Fenway Park in Boston Friday night when a Brett Lawrie broken bat flew into the stands and struck a fan in the head. The game was delayed several minutes as paramedics attended to the woman, who according to numerous reports was bleeding profusely and screaming loudly in pain. The unidentified fan was taken to Israel Deaconess Medical Center Friday night with ‘life-threatening’ injuries.

There hasn’t been an update on her condition as of 7:45 a.m. per the Boston Globe.

After the game everyone from Boston manager John Farrell to team owner Tom Werner expressed concern and their prayers. Said Lawrie, via the Globe:

"“Then in between innings is when things kind of got serious and I realized there was a bit of an issue,” Lawrie said. “Hopefully everything is OK and she’s doing all right.. . . That was just unfortunate right there, no doubt.”"

Asked if anything can prevent such injuries, Lawrie said, “The only thing there, you’ve got limited netting here in Boston. When you’re behind home plate and you’re along the third base side and first base side, you’ve really got to be heads-up for foul balls, anything coming into the stands, because it’s so close there’s really no time to react.

"“You try to keep her in your thoughts,” he said. “Hopefully everything is all right.”"

Said Alex Merlis, who was seated a few rows behind the fans, from the AP report:

"“It was violent,” he said of the impact to her forehead and top of her head. “She bled a lot. A lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that.”"

Video of from the Oakland broadcast can be seen here.