There Was a Wild Fan Brawl at the Kings - Warriors Watch Party in Sacramento


The Golden State Warriors beat the Sacramento Kings, 126-125, to even their first round playoff series. It was a home game for the Warriors, so the Kings held a watch party back at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento. That's where another wild brawl broke out between Kings and Warriors fans.

When the video starts you think you're looking at a couple fans cheering, but then people start running in from everywhere. The fight takes place on the stairs so there are plenty of level changes. Vicious punches are thrown. Sucker punches. One People are thrown over rows of seats.

At least eight people were involved. Seemingly random people come up and down stairs throughout the video. You've got a guy in a Stephen Curry jersey, a guy in a Tom Brady jersey and then someone in an old Scottie Pippen All-Star jersey. There's even a Tom Brady shirsy. A DeMarcus Cousins jersey even makes an appearance.

Not a great advertisement for basketball fans in California.