Fan Attends San Diego Padres Game in Full Bear Costume for Some Reason


As fun as attending a baseball game in early June can be, some feel the need to spice it up. Many introduce several ballpark beers into the experience. Some make a homemade sign with the hopes of appearing on television.

And some wear full bear costumes.

The attention-seeking person in this getup achieved their goal last night in San Diego. And while it may be easy to take shots at a human being in a bear suit, I have no choice but to applaud the decision. The game-time temperature of 66 degrees is perfect bear-wearing weather. Donning this look at an August Cardinals day game would be downright maschocistic.

When viewed through this lens, the choice seems pretty reasonable.

Clearly inspired by the show of inter-species support, the Padres went on to defeat the Washington Nationals in 11 innings.


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