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False Alarm: Novak Djokovic Has NOT Purchased the World's Entire Supply of Donkey Cheese (But He Could)


Slobodan Simic, the farm’s donkey breeder, left a sample of the cheese with the manager of Mr. Djokovic’s restaurant in Belgrade, offering to let the restaurant have an exclusive on the product. He still awaits a reply. “That is the only truth, and the rest are made up by journalists,” Mr. Vukadinovic wrote.

The Daily Mail, hot on the trail of pule, sent a reporter named Robert Hardman to Serbia for a tasting. When he discovered that the Djokovic story was shaky, he buried the bad news deep in the story and swathed it in a few layers of obfuscation, suggesting that Mr. Simic is now “waiting to clinch the deal.”

So that means there is still a chance that Djokovic could purchase all the donkey milk cheese!? Stop toying with us Djoker! That last week – when I thought I had no chance to buy any Serbian goat milk cheese – was rough. Now I have that chance back and he could steal it away again. Leave my pule alone. If Djoker does want all the donkey cheese, it can be his for an estimated $132,000.

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