Sky Sports' Martin Brundle Has Quite a Time Interviewing Celebrities at F1 Miami Grand Prix

Martin Brundle and Paolo Banchero
Martin Brundle and Paolo Banchero /

On Sunday, the first-ever F1 Miami Grand Prix took place. The growing popularity of F1 racing in America, ushered along by The Big Lead's 2022 Sports Television Series of the Year winner "Drive To Survive," means that the Miami race was a big-time event featuring all the faces you can imagine. Here is merely a taste of the figures present at the race.

All these famous people inevitably means reporters follow. Sky Sports sent Martin Brundle, former F1 driver-turned-media member, to cover the happenings. Before the race, Brundle entered the "grid walk" before the race where everybody with a pass gathers on the track before the starting gun goes off.

Brundle had quite an adventure in the chaos down there. The clip going viral at the moment is when Brundle attempted to capture the attention of Duke star and potential No. 1 NBA Draft pick Paolo Banchero. The problem was that Brundle thought he was Patrick Mahomes.

Prior to that, Brundle apparently tried to chase down David Beckham, who either didn't notice Brundle was trying to interview him or didn't care as he plowed through the crowd undeterred. We don't have video but the reaction to Brundle's chase is captured below-- and he was eventually successful.

The best soundbite from Brundle's interviews came when he talked to a self-proclaimed "social media sensation."

He also talked to DJ Khaled, whose presence was perhaps the most predictable out of any celebrity in attendance. If something big is happening in Miami, you know for sure Khaled will find his way in.

Sometimes you just gotta make the best of an assignment and that's what Brundle did. Nobody was looking to be interviewed down at the grid but Brundle had a job to do. Even if his Mahomes-Banchero mix-up will be the lasting moment from his segment.