Ezekiel Elliott Filed a Harassment Report with Police in September Against the Woman Who is Claiming Domestic Violence


In September 2016, Ezekiel Elliott went to the Frisco, Texans Police and filed an official incident report against Tiffany Thompson alleging harassment. Thompson is the woman who accused Elliott of domestic violence. He’s been suspended six games by the NFL.

From NFL.com:

"The report details that police were dispatched to Elliott’s house because he received “50-plus” phone calls from his ex-girlfriend between 2:39 a.m. and 10 a.m. She called from a blocked number and Elliott answered several times, he told police, informing Thompson she was not supposed to be calling him, per the report. Elliott provided a written statement of the incident for police. Elliott reported the claim one day before Columbus Police announced it would not press charges against Elliott, though the incident happened two days before that."

And then, there’s this:

"In addition, Elliott told police that Thompson hacked into his email account, found phone numbers and called them to leave “untruthful things that can hurt his image.” Thompson told league investigators that she contacted women Elliott was “messing around” with."

Elliott is expected to file his appeal in the next 24 hours to get the suspension reduced or eliminated.