Ezekiel Elliott Explains Why He Really Wanted to Be the Highest-Paid Running Back in the NFL


Ezekiel Elliott signed a new contract with the Dallas Cowboys that makes him the NFL’s highest-paid running back. Ed Werder spoke with Elliott and the NFL’s highest-paid running back told him why being the NFL’s highest-paid running back was important.

Was the money about the money? Of course not! Elliott was barely 2-years old when the song “It’s All About The Benjamins” was released. Elliott was, however, old enough to remember Jesse J’s “Price Tag” which explained that it’s not all about the money, so maybe he was telling Werder the truth.

Or it really was about the money. He probably thought he should be the highest-paid running back in the NFL because he is the best running back, but I’m sure the money was pretty darn important. It’s not like the Cowboys could have countered a large dollar amount with a WORLD’S BEST RUNNING BACK coffee mug.

Respect and recognition are nice, but Elliott isn’t the Joker. It wasabout the money. Jerry Jones’ pocketbook was not just collateral damage because Elliott wanted people to pick him first in their fantasy football drafts or put him on the last page of slideshows.

The Cowboys’ hesitation to pay Elliott wasn’t because they didn’t think he was very good, if not the best, at what he does. That was also about the money. As Jones himself said before eventually caving to Elliott’s monetary demands, it’s not like he’s won a Super Bowl. No one in Dallas has since Barry Switzer was the head coach. But Jones keeps paying people handsomely to be far less successful. Now it’s on Elliott to put his money where his money is and prove he’s the best. Otherwise he’ll be the highest-paid disappointment in the NFL. That probably wouldn’t fit on a coffee mug, but it does seem like it would fit on the Cowboys.