Extra Scrutiny Advised After Scammer Targets Several Women in Sports Media

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

The Association For Women in Sports Media is reminding its members to scrutinize job opportunities and freelance inquiries after multiple incidents on Monday in which women were targeted by creeps — or a singular creep — misrepresenting themselves with non-existent opportunities.

Someone claiming to be a Yahoo Sports manager named Trevor reached out to a journalist and another journalist's mother with unusual, suspicion-raising requests.

A third instance, this time with the scammer pretending to be from Barstool Sports, cropped up an hour later.

Shortly after both these incidents became public, Yahoo Sports' vice president Sarah Crennan stated that this was, quite obviously, not a representative of her company and that security was looking into the matter.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy took a different tact.

AWSM is encouraging women to redirect inquiries to go through a work-affiliated email address to establish validity.

All of these initiations swung over to the highly-dubious side of the ledger almost immediately and were therefore recognized as inauthentic rather quickly, which is better than the alternative. That doesn't make them any less unsavory. It cannot be stressed enough how much garbage female journalists get dumped on their doorsteps every day for the transgression of doing their jobs or seeking other jobs.