Ex Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Now Engaged To Former 17-Year-Old She Had Sex With

By Ty Duffy

Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones is engaged to Cody York, the 17-year-old she dodged jail time for having sex with, who is now 19. The circumstances of the engagement itself appear to be conventional.

"Eric Deters, Jones’ attorney, said Friday he didn’t know where the proposal happened but his staff told him Thursday that Jones got engaged while on vacation. The trip was somewhere in Florida. Deters assumes York accompanied Jones’ family and the engagement happened then. York’s Facebook page says the engagement happened on Thursday. The page shows a photo of the couple kissing with Jones wearing a ring. They appear to be on a beach."

Jones, now 28, is a paralegal. York is a student at Northern Kentucky University. True love conquers all.