Everyone Is Already Blasting Dean Spanos And The "Los Angeles Chargers"

Ryan Phillips

Dean Spanos and the San Diego Chargers have officially announced their intention to relocate to Los Angeles and, whew boy, the sports world is laying into everything about the move.

First, Spanos penned an incredibly poorly-written letter addressed to…I guess the world? In it he gave a quick head-nod to San Diego before lauding Los Angeles. It was nothing less than a slap in the face to the city that has been home to his franchise for 55 years.

Even his old employee, former Pro Bowl center Nick Hardwick was in disbelief that Spanos didn’t even bother to address local media or give an interview:

I’m disgusted too Nick.

Colin Cowherd went off on Spanos for his conduct today during his show. I couldn’t agree with his take more:

Next, the Chargers released a ridiculous “new logo” that was essentially the Dodgers logo with a tail on it. The Internet, and other sports teams went absolutely HAM on it.

This was hilariously accurate:

After hours of mocking the ridiculous, low-rent new logo, the NFL pulled the original tweet down and covered itself by saying it wasn’t actually the team’s new official logo.

Even Bayern Munich got in on the mocking:

The night before the move became official, Bill Plaschke wrote a column in which he spelled out how Los Angeles felt about the Chargers: “We. Don’t. Want. You.”

Plaschke was right. Today’s move was met with little more than a shrug in Los Angeles. There were no celebrations, no parade and no welcome wagon. After being little better than a hermit for the last five years in San Diego, Spanos was suddenly all over television in his new town. I wasn’t the only one to notice, nor the only one to laugh at how terrible he is on camera:

Also, it should shock no one that Spanos was completely oblivious to the type of criticism he would receive for moving the franchise:

Aw, Dean I feel really bad for you…I guess I never considered how breaking millions of fans’ hearts must have been really rough on you.

A pair of former fan-favorite Chargers joined Hardwick in piling on the franchise for leaving its fans high and dry:

In the end the message was simple: the Chargers leaving for Los Angeles makes sense to only one person, Dean Spanos. It’s a joke and he will reap what he has sown when the move blows up in his face. And it will blow up in his face.