Every MLB Team Should Be Broadcasting Intrasquad Games and Workouts Locally

New York Yankees Summer Workouts
New York Yankees Summer Workouts / Elsa/Getty Images

Major League Baseball teams are back working out at "Summer Camp" as they prepare for the start of the 2020 season. Unfortunately, unlike spring training, some teams aren't broadcasting their exhibition games or any part of their workouts to the public. This is a huge missed opportunity for MLB teams, as fans are starved for sports action. This should change immediately.

A few teams are making games available to the public, but this needs to be a league-wide initiative. Put the games on air, put broadcasters in booths, and cover it like spring training. Obviously things would need to be scaled down but that will be the case when regular season games take place in a few weeks anyway. Why not get started now?

MLB owners have been whining about how much money they'll be losing on this season for months. Well, here's a way to make some back. Sell ads, put the games on local television and build some momentum for the season. The ratings would likely be excellent in comparison to spring training games, especially with a number of markets shutting back down due to COVID-19 spikes.

In San Diego, we're stuck getting reports about Padres exhibitions via reporters who have to use binoculars and sit beyond the outfield fence. It's ludicrous. Just put the damn games on TV and let us see for ourselves.

There is an argument that broadcasting these games could give things away to opposing teams. Look, this isn't basketball or football where opponents will learn what plays you run and gameplan for them. This is baseball, which doubles as the most over-scouted sport on the planet. Teams know the tendencies and strengths of opposing players as well as they known their own guys these days. There's virtually no advantage lost by publicizing exhibitions.

Baseball fans have had to deal with a lot these last few months. The least MLB teams could give us would be this modified version of the spring training we missed out on a few months ago. Call in the broadcasters, get a few camera guys and let us watch baseball.