Even Snoop Dogg Flipped on the Chargers

Houston Texans vLos Angeles Chargers
Houston Texans vLos Angeles Chargers / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Snoop Dogg was a guest of the Los Angeles Chargers as they hosted the Houston Texans on Sunday. By the end of the day, Snoop had flipped to the visiting side and, like most of the crowd in attendance, appeared happy the Texans had won.

Before the game, the Chargers had Snoop on the field doing some social media stuff for them:

They had him fire off their cannon before kickoff:

Then he apparently ripped off the jersey they gave him to wear just after the game started:

Then after the game, he apparently decided he wasn't repping the Chargers anymore. He showed up in the Texans' locker room and seemed to be thrilled they won:

Here's the thing, Snoop doing that stuff for the Chargers was yet another ham-fisted attempt by the franchise to appear as if it had some juice in LA. In reality, it was almost certainly some form of a paid appearance. No, Snoop is not jumping on the Chargers' bandwagon. In fact, he's a die-hard Steelers fan.

The Snoop incident was just the last in a long-line of indignities for the Chargers. They lost 27-20, their stadium looked empty and at one point a Texans player was able to jump into the stands and be completely surrounded by his own fans.

Oh, and to top it all off, during his post-game comments, J.J. Watt lauded the Texans fans for making the atmosphere on the road feel like like a home game for the players.

Yet another embarrassing day for the Chargers in Los Angeles.