Even Madden 19 Thinks The Chargers Should Be In San Diego

Ryan Phillips

The Los Angeles Chargers just can’t win. As they get ready to start their second season in Los Angeles the Chargers have no fans, no support, their official pro shop referred to them as the “San Diego Chargers” and now even Madden 19 is piling on.

Twitter user Michael Cook purchased the Hall of Fame edition of Madden 19 on Tuesday and picked the San Francisco 49ers as his team in franchise mode. Imagine his surprise when he started a game against the Chargers at StubHub Center and this happened:

In case you missed it, the announcer said, “EA Sports’ coverage of the NFL takes us to the Mission Valley area of beautiful San Diego, California.”

And just to prove that it wasn’t a one-off glitch:

Yep, even  Madden thinks the Chargers should be back in San Diego.

Dean Spanos and his sixth-rate organization just can’t win and it’s beautiful.