The Boston Celtics Got Blown Out But Still Got a Handclap and Shamrock Emoji From the 'SportsCenter' Account

Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

It was a real mixed bag for the Boston Celtics last night. After fighting back from a 3-0 series deficit against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, they got pushed around and embarrassed for 48 consecutive minutes, allowed Caleb Martin to transcend to a Jimmy Butler-esque level, and realized they'd bitten off more than they could chew like those fellas from Joe Mazzulla's favorite movie.

It's not really that hard to understand why this happened and why they're now officially on summer vacation: Jayson Tatum was injured, Jaylen Brown was broken and the Heat have Erik Spoelstra who brings always pull out some sort of sorcerer's magic when it's most needed. But none of those individual facts will do much to change the mood up in Boston because they had Miami right where they wanted them and just didn't show up. If anything, they ensured a worse fate for themselves in hearts in minds than if they'd been swept or gone out in a gentlemen's sweep.

Credit to the official SportsCenter Twitter account, though, for focusing on the positives in such a dark moment.

It's true. All 151 teams that have fallen down 0-3 in an NBA playoff series have failed to recover. This year's Celtics team came as close as you can come to changing that — but not as close to the other teams who have forced a Game 7 and shown signs of human life in that contest. It was really impressive until it wasn't.

In all seriousness, if what they did doesn't deserve a handclap and a shamrock emoji, than nothing does.