ESPN's Ryen Russillo and WEEI's John Dennis Nearly Got in a Fight at the ESPN Super Bowl Party


At ESPN’s Super Bowl party last night in Indianapolis, apparently 

Massachusetts boys Ryen Russillo (ESPN) and John Dennis (WEEI) nearly started the fight they should have had seven years ago.

The 2005 backstory: Allegedly, Russillo was at a party in Boston and is rumored to have hit on a female. This female was the daughter of John Dennis. Naturally, Dennis wasn’t too thrilled – it’s unknown what else Russillo may have said – but he ended up leaving Russillo an expletive-filled voicemail (listen here). You can read more about the incident here and here.

According to someone who was at the ESPN party Friday night, the two ran into each other again, words were exchanged, and they nearly came to blows. You know these mouthy types from Boston – it was probably just a lot of talk. But Russillo apparently still wants a piece of the old man – he’s been tweeting at him this afternoon and would love to get in the ring with him “for charity.” Dennis is lobbing love notes right back. [H/T: AE]