ESPN's Kimberley Martin on NFL Coverage Role, Colin Kaepernick, Zeke Medical Leak, and Redskins Name Change

ESPN NFL reporter Kimberley Martin.
ESPN NFL reporter Kimberley Martin. /

It hasn't been the smoothest transition from Yahoo! to ESPN for NFL reporter Kimberley Martin. The week she started, the sports world shut down because of coronavirus. Despite that hiccup, Martin has already produced some outstanding work both on- and off-camera, including a powerful column about Drew Brees' apology.

Martin joined In My Bag to discuss that transition, where she'll be featured on ESPN during the NFL season, what players are saying about Ezekiel Elliott's positive COVID test being leaked, why teams being interested in Colin Kaepernick now seems like more of a PR play and more.

Full video below with links to specific segments below. Enjoy!

Transition to ESPN during the pandemic (0:45)

Where Martin will be featured on ESPN during the NFL season (1:48)

Troy Vincent the next NFL commissioner? (7:29)

Change in NFL owner's attitude about signing Kaepernick (13:30)

Are players upset about Zeke's medical information was leaked (18:46)

Will the Redskins change their name? (21:40)