ESPN's Jalen Rose Will Serve 20 Days in Jail for Drunk Driving

By Jason McIntyre

If you’re curious what former college and NBA star was drinking on the night of his arrest:

"He told a judge in May that he had six martinis the night he veered off the West Bloomfield Township road."

No hard liquor? [Ed. Yes, I know what’s in a martini. Can’t remember the last time I saw an athlete drinking one in public Usually, it’s beer. Or shots.] Disappointing. I called ESPN for comment and they’re putting together some kind of statement. But ESPN was aware of today’s sentencing, and no extra punishment is expected.

[UPDATE: ESPN Statement on Rose’s impending incarceration – “The incident was regrettable and we’ve dealt with it internally. Jalen has expressed remorse and we all are looking forward to putting this behind us.”]

[H/T: Mike Reed]