ESPN's NFL Megacast Broadcast Spots Are Extremely Valuable, Intriguing

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

ESPN's Megcast will make its postseason debut on NFL wild card weekend. Perhaps on my birthday, which would be nice because all I've ever wanted is for Disney improving its chances to get a Super Bowl in the next rights deal. Viewers will have "at least four distinct presentations across five Walt Disney Company networks," including ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and Freeform.

Details of the non-traditional broadcasts are promised for the future. And they will be a fascinating read on the internal pecking order or long-range vision for the company's NFL future. Because live-game opportunity on the nation's most popular sport has been both a precious and horserace-ish commodity for the past several years. Remember, if you can, all the way back to this offseason where the Monday Night Football booth rumors fueled most of the automobiles on the Eastern Seaboard.

There are now more call sheets to fill.

Contrary to literally a mountain of evidence suggesting otherwise, I'll pretend it's not my place to fill them via persuasive selection and say only that whomever proves to get the microphones will have both the satisfaction of feeling to close to any potentially growing epicenter and the chance to audition for future opportunities.

In short, it's a very good gig.

And to be honest, these ancillary teams could go any number of ways. Without knowing the vision of the ESPN2 or Freeform efforts, it's tough to know who we should expect to see, whether it be someone from the NFL Live universe or some stathead, Rex Ryan or Adam Schefter. Whatever happens, it will help shape the sports media nerd's perspective on ESPN's depth chart. Now, whether that is reflective or perhaps too reductive, that's what will happen.

So, yeah, we have ourselves a case of some very specific, yet very intriguing decision-making to drop any one of these days now.