ESPN Layoffs Begin Tomorrow: 350 Employees, Six-Figure Earners [UPDATE]

By Ty Duffy

ESPN’s reported layoffs are set to begin tomorrow, a source told The Big Lead. The layoffs will cut around 350 jobs, focusing on upper level employees. (Bloomberg reported the same figure.)

Every job with a six-figure salary or more was reviewed as part of the process. The company is flying in extra HR people from Burbank to handle it. Per the source, “it’s gonna be ugly.”

[UPDATE: ESPN refused to comment on the record, but a source says ESPN is not flying in extra HR personnel.]

We reported in September that ESPN was ordered to trim $100 million from its 2016 budget and $250 million from its 2017 budget.

In a time of such massive upheaval, ESPN curiously remains committed to Grantland – “to let the world know that it can survive without Bill Simmons” – and paid heavily to bring in Washington Post managing editor Kevin Merida to rescue still-to-be-launched affinity website the Undefeated.

UPDATE: ESPN released a memo from John Skipper to ESPN employees about the layoffs or “orginazational changes.” The full text is below.

"The demand for sports remains undiminished, though the landscape we operate in has never been more complex. Our 36 years of continuous growth and success has been driven by our consistent willingness to reimagine our future, to embrace change and make the right choices for our business, including hard decisions that affect people who have been integral parts of our efforts. Beginning today, we will be enacting a number of organizational changes at ESPN to better support our future goals – a process that will include the elimination of a number of positions, impacting  friends and colleagues across the organization. We carefully considered and deliberated alternatives before making each decision.  The people who will be leaving us have been part of ESPN’s success, and they have our respect and appreciation for their contributions.  We will be as supportive as we can during this transition, including providing a minimum of 60-days notice, a severance package reflective of their years of service, and outplacement benefits to help them find future employment. These changes are part of a broad strategy to ensure we’re in position to make the most of new opportunities to build the future of ESPN.  These ongoing initiatives include: Constant and relentless innovation, including integrating emerging technology into all aspects of our business. Enhancing our sales and marketing efforts with new tools and techniques that generate greater data, personalization and customization for our advertisers. Integrating our distribution efforts to better serve current and future distribution partners with our industry leading networks and services. No matter how many times we’ve adjusted course to lead the industry over the years, the decisions affecting our employees are never made lightly.  It never gets any easier, but it’s a necessary part of our continued strategic evolution to ensure ESPN remains the leader in sports as well as the premier sports destination on any platform. I realize this process will be difficult – for everyone – but we believe the steps we are taking will ultimately create important competitive advantages for our business over the long term.  I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and continued support as we move forward to ensure the continued success of ESPN and assure sports fans everywhere the best is yet to come. John"