ESPN Employees Are Enthusiastically Touting Disney+ Launch

ESPN The Party - Inside
ESPN The Party - Inside / Mike Windle/Getty Images

Not sure if you're aware: Disney+ launched today, making it the perfect time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and watch Brink! or rip through a season of Bug Juice or whatever old-school material survived the migration. Some of ESPN's top talent is excited about the debut of the streaming service. How do we know?


It's unclear if there was an email reminder to spread the word or everyone has independently decided to evangelize for the common company good. But the support is noticeable.

It's interesting to see such a full-court press. It's also not surprising to observers of the bottom line that such a phenomenon would occur. Need for a fainting couch will vary based on one's perception.

Journalism and business: always strange and complicated bedfellows.