ESPN Making Some Elite Chicken Salad With This College GameDay at the Masters Recipe

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

ESPN's College GameDay will broadcast live from Augusta National on Nov. 14, coinciding with third-round play at the Masters, the network announced today. Add that to the list of sentences you never thought you'd read eight months ago for so many reasons. But it's happening ... unless, of course, college football and golf are derailed by the pandemic between now and then. Fingers crossed.

For now, let's stay optimistic about the regular-scheduled programming holding up and the confluence of two great events dovetailing into a singular and historic morning of television. Because if you can bring yourself to look at the positives of this situation, they really are quite something to celebrate.

It's an awesome idea only made possible by the worst of situations. So it's not easy for a thinking person to dive head-first into the fun without a little trepidation and context. Perhaps the best thing to do is to contextualize and appreciate just how resourceful sports networks have been in adapting to this new world.

College GameDay near Amen Corner is elite chicken-salad-making. The unexpected perk slipping through the cracks of a heavy weight. Your mileage will vary on how much to enjoy the experience and if there should be any guilt.

But it's less controversial to point out just how adroit and clever the industry has been in navigating the rapids. Especially when the twists and turns of the river make seeing around the bend impossible. ESPN choosing to steer into the weirdness of conflicting golf and football on its platforms is a not-so-subtle nod that, yeah, they get it and are doing their best. It's a little thing but it's indicative of the overarching outward mood content creators have been able to work their way into.

The constraints are innumerable and the challenges vast. Yet one could argue there's never been a higher value placed on creativity in this field and, honestly, tons of others. It is both inspiring and humbling to see bravery in the form of steering into the skid and letting the car come to a rest where it may.

Who knew chicken salad could be reinvented in so many ways?