Ernie Johnson's Hall of Fame Acceptance Poem Was Awesome


Ernie Johnson was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame last night. We have no idea what the requirements are to be inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame but we know it should have happened a long time ago. Because this ceremony is a much bigger deal than, say, winning a TBL Sports Media Award, the venerable host and play-by-player prepared some words for the audience feting the best and brightest in the industry. Those came in the form of a poem, apparently something Johnson has made a habit of doing through the years.

There are only two things anyone needs to know about Johnson in addition to the fact that he's incredible at his job. Number 1, everyone likes him. Two, he's earnest as all heck. Both of these come through in spades in the course of a few short minutes.

Is poetry back? Poetry might be back.

Not to get too sappy here but you listen to someone do this, take succinct stock of their life with such economy, mixing sentiment and humor and you walk away wondering how they get it so thoroughly. Would that we could all be so lucky.