CNN's Erin Burnett Brought to Tears During Interview With Woman Who Lost Husband to Coronavirus

Erin Burnett
Erin Burnett /

CNN's Erin Burnett was brought to tears on OutFront Friday night during an interview with the widow of a man who died from COVID-19. Burnett was repeatedly moved as Maura Lewinger spoke about her late husband Joe's battle with the disease.

Joe Lewinger's first coronavirus test came back negative, but his symptoms continued to worsen. He died on March 25 after an 11-day hospital stay. His wife spoke on the importance of social distancing and doing what can be done to ensure fewer families have to go through what hers has in the past month.

The sad truth is that interviews like these are going to become commonplace over the next weeks and months. And they should. It'd be a dereliction of duty to not be human during a humanitarian criss.

Shockingly, there is a faction out there that still doesn't understand the magnitude of the problem. These brutal stories hit home and make a difference, even if everyone should have gotten the message weeks ago.