Erik Ainge Smashed a Cell Phone to Prevent Bare Butt Pictures of Mark Sanchez Four Years Ago

By Jason Lisk

Erik Ainge was once there for his former teammate Mark Sanchez in a time of crisis. Ainge, who was once a QB at Tennessee, then sat on the bench for the Jets, then had substance abuse problems, is no longer in the NFL. After the video of Sanchez dancing with a bare butt emerged this week, Ainge talked about how the same thing almost happened four years ago, except for Ainge stepping in.

According to Ainge, following a home win in 2009, he was partying at Sanchez’s apartment when the former USC star decided to go streaking. (No word on whether Taco Bell was involved). He stripped down, and one of the women started recording it on her phone. Ainge rushed over and destroyed the phone (and Sanchez paid for the damage). From what I’m reading here from Ainge, Sanchez lacks some game and drops trousers whenever possible, especially when alcohol is involved.

"“Mark is goofy. He played truth or dare. He was kind of awkward around girls, so he needed other people around him to help him out. I was good at that — there were other guys who were good with that. So we’d help him out and talk him through his awkwardness. It happened to him with the 17-year old who said she wasn’t 17. Now the butt video and there’s been several other issues just like that, but he’s always had wingmen.”"

Sounds like Mark Sanchez just likes to go streaking in front of people in the privacy of his home, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The Jets may have far less talent now than they did in Sanchez’ rookie year, but it sounds like they also have a shortage of wing men that must be directly tied to the team decline. You know, guys that will take embarrassing details with them to the grave to a newspaper four years later.