Eric Trump Thinks Donald Trump Should Have a Bigger Gavel When He's Speaker of the House

Vote For Speaker Of The House Stretches Into Fourth Day
Vote For Speaker Of The House Stretches Into Fourth Day / Win McNamee/GettyImages

Eric Trump appeared on Newsmax's Carl Higbie Frontline on Wednesday where he discussed the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the Speaker of the House, a position he probably isn't legally allowed to hold because he's under federal indictment. Nevertheless, Higbie asked Trump if his father would be interested. The middle boy wasn't sure, but he did have one suggestion.

"I mean personally? I think it'd be the coolest thing damn thing in the entire world. I would make sure he got a bigger gavel than the smaller, little one that they have. I think Trump needs like a - you could make it, you're a craftsman - a huge gavel and [makes small gaveling gesture] ... But honestly, I think he'd bring the party together in a great way."

The idea that 77-year-old Donald Trump should forgo the traditional gavel-sized gavel in favor of a giant wooden mallet like he's at the carnival trying prove how strong he is... makes perfect sense to the Trump brain. The true issue with American politics has always been the need for more influence from Gallagher. And if Higbie is willing to Ron Swanson up a Thor's Hammer of Justice, more power to him.

Of course, Eric wasn't the only character from the Extended Trump Cable New Universe to produce a viral clip on Wednesday as his wife, Lara Trump, showed up on Sean Hannity's show to complain that she's been shadowbanned from music streaming services and the radio.

Yes, politics is the reason radio stations aren't jumping at the opportunity to play Lara Trump's hastily recorded cover song.