Eric Ebron, Ryan Clark Argue Over Exactly What Clark Said About the Steelers on ESPN

Eric Ebron
Eric Ebron / Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Ryan Clark is thriving as an NFL analyst on ESPN. Before he entered the television game, he played in Pittsburgh as a member of the Steelers' secondary. Thus, Clark often has a lot to say about his former team and what goes on inside the building after seven years working under Mike Tomlin.

He complimented Tomlin on his coaching prowess after his team pulled out a win over the Baltimore Ravens to remain undefeated on the season. Steelers tight end Eric Ebron chimed in to remind him of the alleged doubt Clark had about this Steelers squad.

Clark replied back, adamant that he had shown nothing but support for Pittsburgh on the broadcast. Ebron was insistent that Clark had given the Steelers coveted bulletin board material, because the TV is always on ESPN in the training room. Then he took credit for boosting Clark's thoughts.

When checking the tape, it appears that Clark certainly gave his former team their due. He said on First Take late last week that the Steelers were the better overall team and just needed to take care of the ball in order to come away with a win. They didn't really do that (Pittsburgh fumbled the ball on their first possession, which was returned for a touchdown) but they still pulled out the victory and Clark's opinion about the state of the two teams was proven more or less correct at this juncture.

Time for Ebron to hop on ESPN and talk about the perceived disrespect the Steelers have gotten, but he can't point to Clark as one of the perpetrators.