Wild Beach Brawl in England Features Staggering Number of Chairs Being Thrown

Stephen Douglas
Chairs go flying.
Chairs go flying. /

The chair-throwingest brawl in history took place at Southend, Essex over the weekend. Two groups of shirtless males got into a confrontation outside Pebbles One Cafe on the beach at Marine Parade where chairs and bottles were thrown in every direction. Here are two slightly different angles of the same brawl.

The number of chairs thrown in this incident is staggering and likely a record for a non-WWE fight. News stories say there were no injuries, but it sure looks like one of the guys was bleeding from the back of his neck. What a story that must have been to tell the people.

Huge Fight On Southend Seafront

We were sent this shocking video of a fight between two groups of men on Southend seafront, which reportedly happened today. A number of deckchairs, tables and glass bottles were thrown during the altercation. The seafront was packed with thousands of people when the incident happened, including families with children. The fight, involving around 10 men, reportedly took place in the area around the Pebbles One cafe on the beach. Police are continuing to increase their patrols along the seafront as the hot weather brings more visitors into the town. Officers carried out a number of successful stop checks on people and vehicles over the weekend, as well as aiming to deter anti social behaviour with their visible presence. It is not yet known if any arrests were made. UPDATE: Paul Thompson, owner of the Pebbles One cafe, said: “A group of people were eating lunch at one end of the decking. A second group confronted them from the beach and they began throwing deck chairs and chairs at each other. “They seemed to be two groups that were known to each other. There were no injuries we know of and the police arrived swiftly to quell any further trouble.” UPDATE 2: Chief Inspector Ian Hughes, District Commander for Southend, said: “The people shown in this video behaved recklessly, with no care for the injuries they could have caused to friends and families around them. “We’re progressing enquiries and working to identify those pictured and will continue our high visibility patrols of the area. “For anyone who thinks they can come to Essex, to our towns and beaches, and commit crime, violence or anti-social behaviour, you can’t and if you do, you can expect a visit from us as we simply will not tolerate it.” If you have any information that could help police identify the individuals involved, please contact Southend CID on 101, send a report on the Essex Police website or contact Crimestoppers anonymously.

Posted by Your Southend on Sunday, June 13, 2021

The seafront was packed because of the England - Croatia match at Euro 2020. Essex police are working to identify the men involved.