Enes Kanter Tweets Request for Blondes at Dinner, Brunettes For a Massage


Enes Kanter went to the Cheesecake Factory last night. He didn’t have a date so asked Twitter if any blondes were interested in joining him for dinner. We can’t be sure if anyone took him up on his offer because after dinner he asked for a brunette to rub him down.

Eating dinner @cheesecake downtown, looking for a blonde to eat dinner with me at my table. Does anyone wanna join me ?

— Enes Kanter (@Enes_Kanter) September 26, 2012

Just finished dinner. Thanks Twitter  Now need a massage. BRUNETTES WELCOME 

— Enes Kanter (@Enes_Kanter) September 26, 2012

One person responded to Kanter’s request for a massage, unfortunately, she lives in Oklahoma.

Catch me if you can I’m the Gingerbread Man

— Enes Kanter (@Enes_Kanter) September 26, 2012


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