Enes Kanter Launched One of the Worst Full-Court Shot Attempts You Might Ever See


“Of course he did…” – Every Utah Jazz fan on Planet Earth reading this.

Oklahoma City Thunder Center Enes Kanter is known for stirring the pot/doing idiotic things from time-to-time, and tonight vs. the Portland Trail Blazers: he didn’t really help fix his reputation when he launched a full court buzzer-beating attempt that missed the target by legitimately 100 feet long and to the right.

Durant’s face after was absolutely priceless. And despite the Thunder team having a laugh at Kanter’s expense, the sad thing is: with that arm, Enes could probably start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys this weekend if he really wanted to.

UPDATE: It appears he may be interested!


(h/t @ADesigner120 for the video)