Enes Kanter Ended His Twitter Feud With Nick Wright's Hair On First Things First


Enes Kanter appeared on FS1’s First Things First today and made a number of startling revelations. Kanter said that Russell Westbrookis the best player, as well as teammate, that he has ever played with. Kanter played with Westbrook in Oklahoma City for two and a half seasons, one and a half of which were also spent with Kevin Durant. But Durant vs. Westbrook is nothing compared to Kanter vs. Nick Wright’s Hair, a rivalry that finally got physical during the show today.

Kanter first took a shot at Wright’s hair in JulyHe was not alone. Unlike most people on Twitter, he’s had the honor of inspecting Wright’s follicles for himself and now he can put this silly controversy to bed. Wright can go back to freaking out about Kanter saying Westbrook is better than Durant!? This is an outrage!