Emo Austin Reaves - or 'Court Cobain' - is the Hero the Lakers Need Right Now


Austin Reaves scored 22 points in the Los Angeles Lakers' Game 2 loss in the Western Conference Finals. After the game he came to the podium with his usual unkempt hair and a black Lakers t-shirt. The only real way to describe this look is emo. If you're looking for something to do on a Friday, read through the quote tweets with all the music-inspired basketball puns.

Of course, the one that really stands out is Court Cobain, which even came with some inspired graphic design work.

Yeah, a grunge reference, but it's going to look good on a t-shirt. (Or a small towel.) Reaves is clearly reaching rock star status for the Lakers during the postseason, averaging 16/4/4 while making 43 percent of his threes. Mookie Blaylock would be proud.