Emmitt Smith: Cowboys Will Sign Dak Prescott Because They Can't Play Chicken

Liam McKeone
Emmitt Smith and Dak Prescott
Emmitt Smith and Dak Prescott / Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have yet to come to an agreement on a contract extension with Dak Prescott, and it could be for any number of reasons, whether it's the impending cap spike a few years down the road or that it's difficult to nail down Prescott's true value as a player. As the date for Prescott to sign his franchise tag approaches, fans will understandably grow more and more nervous that negotiations will eventually transform into a holdout with no end in sight.

Emmitt Smith doesn't think there's anything to worry about. He went on 105.3 The Fan to explain that, while he's not surprised the deal isn't done yet, the Cowboys will figure it out eventually because they aren't afforded the opportunity to play chicken with their quarterback:

" If you understand the business of leverage, when you have leverage then you try to set the rules. And the only way you fight leverage is you fight it by establishing your ground and I think at some point this stuff will subside and it’s not that important right now... It’s important to press people that need something to talk about because you don’t have much to talk about because we don’t have camps and minicamps and so forth. And now we’re talking about pandemic left and right, 24-7, seven days a week, however you look at it. So you look for something to discuss, but as far as the players go, Dak is not worried whether or not he’s going to get signed. I’m not even concerned. I believe he will get it done. And I believe the Cowboys will get it done because we don’t have room to be playing games or playing chicken."

Emmitt Smith on 105.3 The Fan

While it seems Dallas signed Andy Dalton to create more room to play that game of chicken, Smith is probably right. The Cowboys have championship aspirations this year. Their best players are in their prime. They're committed to this core, even if Prescott doesn't have a long-term deal yet. They'll do everything they can to put their best foot forward this year, even if it means coming to a slightly-less-than-satisfactory deal with Prescott.

However, I put no timetable on how long Dallas will play chicken. Jerry Jones is no stranger to hardball. My money is on Prescott suiting up for a Super Bowl run, but when he'll sign on the dotted line is anyone's guess.