Eminem References Mike Vick Dog Fighting in New COVID-Themed Song and Video

Eminem in a Michael Vick jersey.
Eminem in a Michael Vick jersey. /

Eminem released a surprise album today. The new album is called "Music to Be Murdered By --- Side B" and is a follow-up to the surprise album he released in January. There's been a whole pandemic since then so of course Slim Shady had to address it, which he did in the COVID-19 themed first single and video off the album, GNAT.

According to NME, Eminem takes a, "scorched-earth policy to the pop culture landscape" on the album. So it's no surprise he references Shaquille O'Neal in the song as well as Michael Vick and dog fighting. He also bites the head off a bat.

It's not all scorched earth though. Em apologizes to Rihanna on one track according to CNN. When he releases his next album, he may have to apologize to Paul McCartney who also released an album today. According to Paul McCartney on the Howard Stern show earlier this week (via the New York Post), Taylor Swift was going to release her new album, Evermore, on December 11th, but pushed it a week out of respect for McCartney, who thanked her by moving his album to December 18th, and Swift moved her album release again to accommodate the Beatle.

So apparently the moral of this story is don't fight dogs and don't release albums the same day as Paul McCartney. That's why the Post ran the headline, "Eminem gives no respect to Paul McCartney with surprise album release." It's like there are only 52 albums released a year with each one getting it's very own Friday release. I'm old enough to remember albums being released on Tuesdays! It was a simpler time.