Emanuel Newton Knocked Out King Mo With a Spinning Back Fist at Bellator 90

Stephen Douglas

Muhammed Lawal – a.k.a. “King Mo” – got knocked out with a spinning back fist by Emanuel Newton tonight at Bellator 90. Here are two more angles because this is worth all the gifs and I know multiple gifs on a single page make some of you lose your minds: Emanuel Newton Spinning Back Fist KO of King Mo 2 and Emanuel Newton Spinning Back Fist KO of King Mo 3. You can also watch Newton’s amazing celebration here.

It is only February, but this is an early candidate for knockout of the year and upset of the year. King Mo signed with Bellator Fighting Championship last year with quite a bit of hype behind him. He had plans to be a big star for the promotion, coupled with some fake fighting on SpikeTV’s TNA wrestling show. Now it’s back to the drawing board. This is why you always keep your hands up. No matter how uncool you look when you aren’t protecting yourself, you look decidedly less cool when you wake up on the canvas.