Elon Musk's New 'X' Sign at Twitter Headquarters is Very Bright, Very Stupid

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Elon Musk decided to rename Twitter to "X" last week and it has quickly become apparent that no preparation was done beforehand to help facilitate the brand change. The website is still very much set up for Twitter and the Twitter Headquarters sign in San Francisco is still on the building despite his best efforts because he failed to secure a permit to take it down. So everything is going great, thanks for asking.

Last night Musk apparently directed his teams to get the new X logo up on top of their building. It is huge and extremely bright, to the great chagrin of people walking past it and all the residents in the apartment building across the street.

It is just so bad. And an entirely unsurprising development given the Stoogian nature of Musk's decision-making. Why is it flashing on top of everything else? Entirely illogical and it makes it even more of an eyesore, not an eye-catcher.

It also feels kind of illegal. On a few levels. So we'll see how long it lasts before someone tells Musk he has to take it down.