Ellen Kershaw Was Immediately Pestered By a Dodgers' Usher After Clayton Kershaw's No-Hitter Was Complete

Stephen Douglas

Clayton Kershaw threw a no-hitter. Cory and Topanga were there (briefly). As Kershaw struck out his 15th batter to complete his historic night, his wife Ellen freaked out like anyone would. She jumped and yelled and hugged Tiffany Billingsley. All the while, a pesky Dodgers Stadium usher was there trying to get her attention. Mid-teary celebration. The usher had her hands on Ellen before she landed from her first celebratory hop. After a few awkward seconds of a stranger trying to calm her like a child, Ellen pushed her away.

Not to get all Old Man Cardillo on you here, but this is the problem with our society today. Someone told that woman to go get Ellen Kershaw to the field IMMEDIATELY if there was a no-hitter. Pictures needed to be taken and uploaded to the official Twitter account. Gifs needed to be gif’d. Blog posts were to be written. I am aware that I am part of the problem. And I know the woman was just trying to do her job, but for a moment you have to just be a human being. Let the woman jump and yell and hug her friend and cry tears of joy without groping her. Just for a few brief seconds. She’s not going to rush to the parking lot in an attempt to beat traffic. You’ve got her cornered. Let the woman – and the moment – breathe.