Eli Apple Logged On, Called Tyreek Hill a 'Baby' and Posted His Heart Out

Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple was torched with some regularity during the first half of the AFC Championship Game. A Kansas City Chiefs' blowout seemed inevitable before he made what proved to be the most important play of the game by bringing down Tyreek Hill at the one-yard line when failing to do so would have meant a 28-10 deficit, plus Patrick Mahomes getting the football to begin the third quarter.

We all know the rest. Mahomes disappeared, Joe Burrow ascended, and destiny took over. The Bengals will be playing in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs will have a full offseason to sit dumfounded, trying to figure out just what in the hell happened.

Apple was able to incorporate some screen time into his reveling, and went on an impressive run of posting.

Hill, as one would imagine, did not much appreciate being called a baby.

One one hand, you could act like you've been there before. On the other, why not empty the clip just in case you never get there again? Apple, who dropped what would have been a game-winning interception in overtime, could have flown to the moon on a potent cocktail of joy and relief. Through that lens, he showed tremendous restraint in the posting realm.